OSMO Polyx Oil Application Instructions for Walls, Ceilings, and Trim  

***Read and understand all instructions before beginning it will save you time and elbow grease***

Coverage: 250 Sq. Ft. Per Liter


Sand boards if needed to 120Grit but no finer than 180G, Boards from some Mill Shops may not need to be sanded if they are run at a speed that gives a really smooth finish.

Prep your boards for Osmo Finish

  • Place boards on an even surface at a proper working height for you. (Saw horses, Table, etc.)
  • Wipe boards with a tack cloth to remove any residual dust
  • Wipe Boards with High grade mineral spirits. (This step is critical with Southern Yellow Pine )


  • Open Osmo Polyx and Stir Well making sure all wax that has settled to the bottom of the container is mixed in. (Do not Shake)
  • Decide how many boards you are comfortable covering. We recommend starting with one and working your way up if this is your first time, since working the finish into the wood is imperative. (simple but imperative)

Approximate Floor Area to Cover Measured Amount per Coat
15 sq. ft. ¼ cup
20 sq. ft. 1/3 cup
30 sq. ft. ½ cup
60 sq. ft. 1 cup
Pour desired amount of finish into a separate container large enough to accommodate your brush. Try to only pour what is needed and do not work directly from the finish container. This will cause leftover finish to have a shorter storage life.

Start Finishing

  • Dip the brush into the finish about ¼” deep. Do not overload the brush
  • Starting about 6-10” from the end of the board so finish does not run down the ends of the boards. Once your brush is not as loaded work in the sides and ends.
  • Work in finish with a scrubbing motion back and forth with firm pressure on the brush. Osmo Polyx Oil is a penetrating finish and DOES NOT BUILD A FILM. Work the finish into the board until there is no finish left. If you see brush marks, keep working the finish around. All finish should be worked into the wood and none left when completed, wood should be dry to touch. (If necessary use disposable rags to remove excess finish)
  • Allow 8-12 hrs for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.
  • Apply Second Coat the same as the first coat. No sanding is necessary unless to repair blemish or buildup. If build up is found it must be removed before applying the second coat. Buildup is caused by an over application of finish.
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