Cypress Siding

The Cypress doors of the original St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome were more than 1,100 years old when the building was torn down and reconstructed in the 1500s. With this legendary durability we have some confidence saying that Cypress Siding is an excellent choice for the exterior of your building and it can be usually a less expensive alternative to western cedar. Cypress is easily, sealed, stained or painted. While we recommend some protection for your investment, Cypress, If left natural will take on a beautiful antique gray.

We manufacture 105 Drop Siding, Bevel Siding, Beaded Siding (Follen Pattern FW-303),V Groove tongue & groove, Shiplap and rough cut Cypress S1S2E for board and batten installations.

Available in SELECT Cypress, #2 SELECT cypress, #3 Cypress our full line of Cypress siding boards are the best anywhere.

”I love the siding and there was almost no waste. Let me know when you are in my neck of the woods and stop by and take a look!”
— Staci W
follenwood in Walnut Grove, MS on Houzz