Walnut Counter Tops

Walnut is such a great wood choice for hardwood counter tops. The chocolate tones of Walnut are unbelievable and no matter how many Walnut Counter Tops you have seen, nothing will compare to the one in your home.

Walnut Gallery

Our Process
All of our Walnut Counter tops are made in our facility in Walnut Grove Mississippi. We start with Kiln Dried Walnut Lumber that is 2 inches thick. We straighten and surface each board so we get seamless glue joints. 
Our craftsmen hand select each board that goes into a Walnut Counter Top for color and grain transitions so your top is a piece of functional art. Once the right hickory boards have been selected, we glue up the top using premium food safe wood glue. 
After the glue has set and the clamps come off the next level of magic begins. The counter top is cut to size and sanded to 150 grit. We then hand rub the wood top with  two coats of Saicos Hard Wax Oil. The finish is key to a great wood countertop. Saicos is formulated from natural oils and waxes  to penetrate into wood offering protection from water and stains. Once cured the finish is safe for food contact. By finishing our walnut counter tops with Saicos Hard Wax Oil, you get a wood top that is beautiful for years to come. Light scratches and dings can be repaired by you with minimal experience (most only require a spot application of the oil)  and we are always here to walk you through it.

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